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Booking Questions

I have a complaint during my travels. What to do?

Report your complaint to Alkhatem tour leader, hostess or local agent. It is possible that your complaint can be resolved on the spot and a suitable solution can be offered. Is this not the case, or is there no guide available at your destination? Contact our travel organization in the Netherlands to solve your problem. If the matter is not settled to your satisfaction, you can file a complaint with your booking office within a month of returning to the Netherlands. This must be done in writing, with clear reasons and a complaint report prepared by the tour guide at your destination.

When is a booking legally valid?

A booking is legally valid if you have accepted the offer and conditions of Alkhatem Travel. There is then a travel agreement. You can accept the booking directly or through a travel agency or booking office. You will receive a written or online confirmation as soon as possible after the travel agreement, in case you have made the booking via the internet. An online booking is valid and effective if Alkhatem Travel has confirmed your reservation.

You will be assigned a different accommodation than agreed. In which cases is there an equivalent alternative?
There are objective criteria when assessing an equivalent, alternative location. The replacement accommodation must have the same possible location at the place of destination, must have the same nature and class and must offer similar facilities. The equivalence of the accommodation also takes into account the composition of your travel group, the special characteristics of the travelers known and confirmed in writing by the travel organization and the required (and confirmed by the travel operator) additions or deviations from the travel program.
Am I obliged to accept the alternative accommodation offered if Alkhatem Travel has unilaterally changed the agreement?
No, you may refuse the alternative offer from the travel operator with reasons. The travel agreement is dissolved in the event of an important and fundamental change and the travel sum is refunded. In the event of force majeure, Alkhatem Travel is not liable for consequential damage that you suffer as a result. Additional costs for the alternative location or additional travel costs are for your own account.
The travel organization invokes force majeure when allocating an alternative accommodation. Do I have to accept that?

No, you do not have to accept the alternative accommodation. After stating your reasons, the travel agreement will be dissolved and the travel sum refunded in consultation with you in the event of an essential change. If you do agree with the alternative, in case of force majeure, Alkhatem Travel is not liable for consequential damage such as additional costs for the other accommodation, transport and transport. These are for your own account.

Is it possible to cancel my travel agreement after booking without additional costs?

No. If you accept the offer of Alkhatem Travel, the travel agreement is final. This is recorded in the booking confirmation, even if you have made the booking by telephone or via the internet. There is no reflection time, as is the case with the Distance Selling Act. So cancellation after booking is subject to cancellation costs.

Travel Questions

Which Vaccinations do i need for my travels?

Your doctor or the National Coordination Center Travelers can provide you with expert and up-to-date information about the required vaccinations well in advance.

Can I join Umrah if I don't have a Mahram because I'm not married, widowed or divorced?

Yes, you can join the Umrah if you don’t hava a Mahram.

What does Alkhatem Travel advice about cash?

Alkhatem Travel advises you not to take too much cash with you, as thieves and pickpockets are active during the Hajj or Umrah period. It is better to have a debit card with you.

When can i perform the Umrah?

You can perform the umrah from the second month after the hajj until the end of Ramadan, on condition that at least 2 weeks before Ramadan is booked.

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